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Thursday, September 5, 2013


Well I got transferred to Vicenza and wow I am training as well! Ha it was fun being here in Sanremo the members were all sad that I was leaving because first it was an unexpected phone call and second because my companion and I began a lot of projects with the branch so that the members can have more spiritual experiences! But as for me I was excited and sad at the same time because I was leaving all of these awesome members that I got to know personally! Ohh well there is a reason why I am leaving! The Lord just wants me somewhere else because Vicenza is where I am needed right now! I want to share a cool story that happend to me the other day well on Saturday morning I had an appointment with a 27 year old young man and he is under house arrest and we began teaching him and during that lesson as we were explaining the restoration I got a random thought saying teach to his needs and that lesson was super spiritual and it was incredible! Mama Mia! But then after the lesson the young man said you know what when I was in jail I had a dream about this exact moment and for me that was mind blowing it strengthened my testimony that we today still and will continue to recieve personal revalation! It was a unique experience! Love you guys talk to you soon!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Member!

So this last week I baptized my investigator he is such a stud he is super cool no lie! Anyways it was the best because first he is my first baptism that I have seen so far and because it was like the best Birthday Present ever! Haha Also I'm finally 19 its so weird but at the same time it just feels like another day went by so I don't know haha! So The members here are treating us (me and my companion) great! They are so excited about missionary work and we showed them how to talk to people so we have been receiving heeps and heeps of referrals so the work here is growing once more and it is exciting to see a branch come to life with a desire to serve the Lord and to do His work and it is definitely an AMAZING thing to see! Well I'm off to continue on with my work here in the Marvelous city of San Remo! I hope all of you are doing well here is a picture of me not knowing how to smile with my Italian investigator!.P.S. I was really excited and actually I can tell you all these things to justify my smile but at the end its a weird and awkward smile hahaha love you guys!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Feeling Grateful

So life here in Italy is amazing I love every single day I get to work here. The people are awesome except everyone is out of town for this public holiday that Italy has every year Ferragosto and its pretty much a week long and everyone goes on vacation haha so this next week will be an interesting week! Also one of my investigators is getting baptized this Saturday it is going to be awesome! I am so excited! I can't wait seriously.... also his family has gotten super interested too because they have been seeing the change in my investigator ahh I am so happy! One thing that I have seen is that the gospel does change people and it helps people come to closer to Heavenly Father its so awesome I am so glad and I feel honored for this wonderful opportunity to share the gospel! Anyways love you guys!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I am not sure what this is. He said he was messing around but I did ask him what the little pool is for. Maybe it is for baptisms? We will have to see.

News From Sanremo!

Work here in Sanremo is amazing the people are great and there is always something new going on! Our branch here has finally made a branch mission plan I am so pumped for it haha we have already begun seeing miracles it is amazing I love this work so much it seriously changes your view on life! It is wonderful! We have been going around to all the members homes to offer service and we have been getting heaps and heaps of referrals which is a huge blessing! This week in was a strange week because I have just been so busy with the work here that I kind of lost track of time because seriously I wish I had more time to do things haha but I realized that I am not on a mission to change my self or to say I went I am on a mission because I know for a fact that I am helping the Lord in his work and that I am representative of Jesus Christ! I love this work so much it has help me grow closer to our Heavenly Father and the other day I was sitting in meeting with my branch and I told them my feeling for this branch, I said that I truly want to make this branch into a ward it has so much potential to do it! Haha so they created this plan to become a ward it is truly amazing I love it! Well alright then I will share more of these wonderful experiences that I have. Love you guys, Anziano Jaramillo

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Well this couple of weeks has been the best I really enjoyed this transfer it was super fun maybe because I had an Australian companion! Anyways work here is going great I love it! Also I'm district leader now which is crazy haha and senior companion haha so this next transfer is going to be awesome haha. The people herw are great and finally this branch is starting to grow a lot of the less actives are coming back and we are getting the branch to focus on missionary work, I really enjoyed that broadcast The Work of Salvation it was really inspiring and now everyone here in San Remo is really excited to do some missionary work. Anyways my next companion is from Rome so I guys I going all Italian next transfer one thing that I can say is that my English is going to get a little rough haha. Love Anziano Jaramillo

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Speeches and Cookies

This week one of the coolest things happened. So my companion and I had a lesson with one of our investigators and that lesson was so cool because the spirit in the room was so strong I literally thought you could touch it, it was amazing and I know for a fact that if the spirit wasn't there that lesson would have gone south. For some cool interesting news I have a new Mission President and he is so cool He used to be a lawyer in Utah and he is great, super nice guy I guess there might be some changes in the mission like not wearing backpacks haha yeah we are going to switch to man purses yeah its going to be interesting the next half of my mission! Also this week I got the opportunity to give a speech for my companions brother’s wedding it was interesting I don't know how the wedding turned out now… hmmm It was FANTASTIC my companion and I recorded our speeches it was fun also my branch that I'm serving in is super fun and a tad bit crazy haha every Friday night they have this karaoke night with some dancing haha and it's pretty interesting to see the members not in suits umm yeah they are a bit off the wall lets just put it that way (cough cough) Haha also one day my companion and I decided to make chocolate chip cookies and since this is Italy we had to substitute some things so we made them. They looked good and they tasted good so we said hey lets go pass by our investigators and give them a spiritual thought and give them cookies so we did we went to a family and we surprised them and we shared the thought they started eating the cookies and they were like "there good but they could use some more flour, some more eggs, some more sugar but they were good yummm..... " then he coughed and left the room yeah I think I forgot to mention he is a baker maybe if it were someone else they would have appreciated them anyways he gave us a recipe yeah he really showed us up!!!