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Thursday, September 5, 2013


Well I got transferred to Vicenza and wow I am training as well! Ha it was fun being here in Sanremo the members were all sad that I was leaving because first it was an unexpected phone call and second because my companion and I began a lot of projects with the branch so that the members can have more spiritual experiences! But as for me I was excited and sad at the same time because I was leaving all of these awesome members that I got to know personally! Ohh well there is a reason why I am leaving! The Lord just wants me somewhere else because Vicenza is where I am needed right now! I want to share a cool story that happend to me the other day well on Saturday morning I had an appointment with a 27 year old young man and he is under house arrest and we began teaching him and during that lesson as we were explaining the restoration I got a random thought saying teach to his needs and that lesson was super spiritual and it was incredible! Mama Mia! But then after the lesson the young man said you know what when I was in jail I had a dream about this exact moment and for me that was mind blowing it strengthened my testimony that we today still and will continue to recieve personal revalation! It was a unique experience! Love you guys talk to you soon!

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